The project of La Casa de Pepa is born in Milan, conceived and managed to meet the needs of more and more discerning customers, especially regarding to the products'quality and creativity. La Casa de Pepa wants to show up as a benchmark of the “child world”, outside the obsolete norms of this market, offering a products'selection from all over the Europe, especially from Iberian Peninsula, where color and creativity play a leading role. We believe these are the essential ingredients, together with top-rate suppliers and qualified brands in this field, to offer our customers a different shoes, clothes and gift ideas' selection, rewarding creativity and "sense of color ".

The project and the format of La Casa de Pepa are based on three specific assumptions, which always contribute to optimise our niche business :


Since childhood, many of us were sometimes asked: "Which color do you prefer?".
Making a question like this may seem rather trivial. Nevertheless, many scholars conducted, in recent decades, a heavy historical, cultural and "scientific" research. At first sight, knowing the color preferences of a subject seems useless, but most of the choices we undertake in everyday life, like making a purchase or selecting specific products, lean on our chromatic tastes and our aesthetic stirring reactions . In addition, if you are artists, your colors' pallette may express something about you, about your deep psychological nature. In regard to this,it is very important to remember W. Kandinsky's point of view, who claimed "the color is a mean able to inspire directly the soul". He affirmed also that the colors' balance is hinged on a single value: the right contact with soul. In his opinion, each color has its own spiritual and espressive value and ,thereby, you can depict the inner reality, regardless any objective reference. Furthermore, he wrote in 1910 that the coloured light may have a strong effect on our organisms, causing mental diseases and anxiety. These considerations appear more "artistic" and poetic than scientific. Nevertheless, the general principle, that is the colors' impact on our emotions, is to be considered correct.

We believe in color's positive power, both because we recognize their importance in our lives and they are at the bottom of our business decisions.


The products we provide are tested on children of different ages before selling them in our stores. We offer our customers excellent and quality shoes considering a simple equation:first-rate producers and brands. Therefore, we mostly choose companies specialized in children market, as well as companies recently appeared in this field,but scrupulously selected.
We believe in the qualitative difference between retail and wholesale, emphasized by our enterprise competence; a selection of shoes, clothes, accessories and toys for children where price, quality and creativity reach the right balance.


The store design of La Casa de Pepa is one of the most important elements, which allow to create inside these sales points a particular "frame of mind" for children and adults.

The huge cardboard shapes hanging on walls recreate everyday life home environments such as the kitchen or the children room. Their forms and their creative features have been realized thanks to many little friends advices and the creative ability of a professional painter. This cartoony style gets perfectly along with other furnishing elements, like kitchens and writing desks of the ’30s and ’40s. We believe the kitchen is at-large one of the most familiar points of the house, since it arouses pleasant and appetizing moments and it's very often an intimate meeting place.
For this reason in our stores there is always a kitchen.

The furnishing elements sizes are all in proportion to our "little visitors". La Casa de Pepa designs and provides decorations and furnishing accessories for children rooms, offering a wide and appreciated range of items with this brand:

The main colors within our stores are the same of the logo:
brick red and pea green. Two colors that reach the perfect balance with other selected colorful shades.