There are many examples of inequitable contracts which bound almost entirely the owner's autonomy of the franchising store; La Casa de Pepa provides an extremely precise set of rules, in order to ensure the brand's development and the mutual rights and duties, but it is always open to dialogue and formulation of customized solutions, centered on precise elements and directed to common growth.

In this way each affiliate member is completely and actually responsible for his own business, having still behind a solid and trustworthy organization ready to support him in any case, from early training to evaluation of sales drives.

The contract provides the payment of a right of entry and the exclusive supply of some products lines divided as follows: shoes with collections of 2 brands (at least), clothes with collections of 4 brands (at least) and accessories with a line and/or collection (at least)

The store selection focuses on localization and tipology; the typical Casa de Pepa is set in a good crossing point, quite central or nearby schools and public parks.
As to sales points , they must be divided in two parts, one dedicated mainly to shoes and furnished with specific display elements and the other dedicated to clothes and accessories. Moreover, the entire set design follows specific standards according to the brand's format.

If you are an enterprising and serious person,if you have interesting suggestions about where you may open the next Casa de Pepa and if you want to cooperate with us, send us an e-mail for further informations, we'll be glad to answer to yours questions and eventually we could meet to get acquainted and to consider mutual growing opportunities.

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